Hi, I'm Amy Gibos. I'm a web and graphic designer based in Canada.

I studied at NAIT and graduated from the Digital Media Design program back in '09.

I like to make things, read things, watch things, and take pictures of things. I'm drawn to the strange, dark, and beautiful.

My photoshop digital art can be see here!

Download my resume HERE!

What do I know?

Graphic design for print and web with a background in varying multi-media mediums. I was also a Massage Therapist, Bartender, Valet, Gardener and Traffic Control Flag Person in a different time.

What can I do for you?

I can make logos, business cards, menus, website design, posters, brochures and can photoshop anything or anyone into anything or anyone. I also am good at burning dinner and eating your dessert. Intrigued? - get in touch!