In my current position I perform many tasks and processes normally associated with being a creative lead, including hiring and leading a team, including outsourcing. I provide mentorship and training, as well as provide critical review and feedback on designs to team members.

As a senior graphic designer it is my job to solve any challenges in achieving the design outcome. Time management, streamlining the operation, implementing processes, templates and training in the workplace, are some of the tools I employ, as well as improving file handling and server asset organization. From initial tasking to exported deliverable, the artwork is one part of the process; senior graphic design requires attention to all parts.

In short, I’m a multi-tasking, multi-talented individual required to think outside the box on a daily basis and provide extraordinary solutions for ordinary problems.

The following paragraph and accompanying pdf’s illustrate how I solved a few of the challenges presented to me.

Altering imagery using Photoshop and a studio:

Challenge: The client requests an upgrade to an existing lifestyle photo with a new product for new packaging imagery.  There isn’t time or budget for a lifestyle location photoshoot with the new product.  The new photograph needs to be digitally altered (without a 3-D render) to maintain a  photorealistic integrity in color-matching to the product.

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Adding value to strategic marketing pieces:

Task: To improve the appearance and functionality of the company’s tradeshow presence.

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Peer training – Use of Wrike to manage task flow

Challenge: Train the sales staff on learning to use Wrike software to request and do followup on tasks. Help employees understand task timeframes and timelines as well as consequences to altering deadlines and/or making last minute changes. This was completed with in-person meeting  with the sales department. I designed and presented an educational slideshow as a visual aid.

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Company file server – restructure and organize project

Challenge: Inefficient and dated server required updating to combat daily inefficiencies and errors occurring as the company and marketing department grew. Tracking all the projects, tasks and assets, and what location to save them in without duplication was a constant struggle.
I initiated and implemented a reconfiguration of the marketing server file.


PSD Composites

Digitally created photorealistic  composite images