I’ve been lifelong artist and it felt natural to transition to have career in that arena, and i’ve been graphic designer for 12+ years. I’ve graduated with a 3.8 GPA from N.A.I.T.’s Digital Media Design program. The experience I’ve had in the industry has been comprehensive and wide-ranging – from branding a landscaping company ( for whom I was mowing lawns with), to Photoshopping stereo speakers on Jakku. I’ve worked as a creative lead for a high end fashion company and also pivoted to work for a larger team in a corporate headquarters. With each job I’ve tried my best to seize every opportunity to expand and my skill set, so I can become a highly diversified designer able to fill any role in a creative department.

Colleagues have boasted that I provide high quality work on a timely basis;  Even call me the Photoshop wizard! I’m proud to say I’m able to photoshop nearly anything into, onto anything.

I have experience working in ad agencies, marketing head offices, corporate design teams, the provincial government, small business and contract freelance environments.

I know how to make graphics for the web (including google ads), custom marketing pieces for print, poster and flyer design, interior /exterior signage, brochure and business cards, logo redesign. And I can photoshop anything into anything..

Download pdf samples of work:

download Web Graphics PDF

download Print Designs PDF

PSD Composites

Digitally created photorealistic  composite images

Web Graphics

Banners, ads and photo placement

Social Media

Facebook & Instagram  engagement experience

Print Design

brochures, posters, & Company Collateral

Logo & Business Card Design

Branding and redesigns