When your energy is in alignment with the energy of your business, everything is possible.

Ad Astra, Per Aspera

through adversity to the stars

Who I am today is the culmination of all the amazing people that have been part of my journey.

Collaboration is where we make magic together.


Pisces, artist, forest frolicker.
Founder and designer.

Hi, I'm Amy. Welcome to my wonderland.

For years I’ve been infusing my art with my spiritual practice. Channelling something. In addition to art, I’ve been doing all things graphic design for over 15 years.

In this new paradigm of my business I’m at peace with fully integrating art into the lives of others. This is my purpose.

You can ask for help. You can delegate.


As part of your work+life balance, delegate so you can focus on your genius.

Save time

We can't do everything, trust in professionals to help in the areas taking way to long.

brand Consistency

Present your business on all platforms as a united front.

Community Reach

With the right branding you can reach more of the people you actually want to work with.

What do you need

Making the visuals of your dreams come true.

Digital Art

The cornerstone of creating exceptional marketing material starts with what imagery you choose.

Website & Social Media graphics

Impactful hero sliders and complementary social posts for a seamless presentation

Marketing Materials

Lead magnets, brochures, customized business documents and more


Book Covers & layout

Increase conversion with compelling cover art.

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