AG creative Graphic Studio can provide custom digital art to help businesses and individuals enhance their digital presence. This can include illustrations, photo-painting and infographics that convey complex information in a visually appealing and engaging way. Custom digital art can help your business communicate their message in a way that is unique and memorable, which can help them build a stronger brand identity.

Advertising & promotional graphics for print, social, and web platforms

Product and lifestyle Photography correction

Original digital image composites

Altering imagery : Product studio & Photoshop

Challenge: The client requests an upgrade to an existing lifestyle photo with a new product for new packaging imagery.  There isn’t time or budget for a lifestyle location photoshoot with the new product.  The new photograph needs to be digitally altered (without a 3-D render) to maintain a  photorealistic integrity in color-matching to the product.

Advertising for google and facebook

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